Bulk disposal

RPR Environmental provides a wide range of disposal options for bulk non-hazardous and hazardous waste. The waste can be containerized bulk solid, semi-solid, sludge and liquid or liquid/ liquid with sludge in vacuum truck. Our logistic solutions provide the most cost effective transportation and disposal option for the bulk waste.

We have fleet of 13000 to 36000 litres capacity vacuum trucks in addition to small cube vans to large tractor trailers to transport any quantity of bulk waste.

The bulk waste is processes, recycled, neutralized, treated, fuel blended or incinerated to ensure most environmentally safe disposal.

RPR offers easy solutions to help you in you bulk waste management by:

Setting up frequencies of collection of bulk waste

Set auto reminders from our customer service for the scheduled collection dates

Offer you with container swap to ensure the supplies for future waste collection are on your doorstep.

Provide alternate methods of disposal of bulk waste which are more convenient, effective and economical.