Lab- Packing

The lab packing is the proper method of packing small containers containing hazardous Chemicals meant for disposal. The lab packing has to be executed by an expert trained and knowledgeable in regulation pertaining to safe transportation and disposal of hazardous chemicals at a facility approved by Ministry of Environment.

Chemical waste generating organizations like warehouses, laboratories, hospitals, schools, medical facilities, industries, or operation uses chemicals like acids, bases, reagents, salts, solvents, thinners, paints, dyes, inks, cleaners, strippers and other compounds etc. These chemicals are contained in small containers (size of 20L pail or smaller). Some of these containers are expired; contaminated, partially used, leaking or just no longer needed and therefore needs to be disposed. Careless handling the disposal including throwing in garbage, pouring in drain etc. leads to criminal penalties under the regulatory environmental laws.

RPR Environmental provides Labpacking service laboratories, hospitals, schools, medical facilities, industries, warehouses and other operations on regular basis.

Through the process of Labpacking is carried by well trained RPR Chemical Technicians. They select the small containers containing compatible hazardous waste (chemicals) and categorized them. Then these containers are repacked and packed in 200L drums using vermiculite. The Chemical Technician then inventories each drum and ensure that each drum is handled/transported in compliance with TDGA.

We provide the complete documentation including the manifests, inventories, etc. for each shipment upon completion.

Categories of labpacks:

  • A Labpack: Acids
  • B Labpack: Bases
  • C Labpack: Flammable
  • D Labpack: Toxic Organics
  • E Labpacks: Caustics