Specialized projects for educational institute’s

RPR Environmental has long-term partnerships established with many representative institutions from the Education Sector, K-12schools, Universities and Colleges, across Canada. We have been providing comprehensive waste management services to this sector for over 23 years.

We are particularly sensitive and aware of the education sectors' business values of safety, environmental stewardship, reputational risk management and legacy loss avoidance and take all steps necessary to preserve those values on behalf of our clients.

RPR has been providing the school boards, colleges and universities with a full spectrum of chemical waste management services since 1998. The service provided includes but is not limited to:

  • Establish and implement multi location regular collection program.
  • Conduct the safe clean-out of chemicals from schools semi-annually.
  • Provide written comprehensive Risk Audit Reports for the facilities department.
  • Coordinate and direct the clean-outs of historical, legacy wastes.
  • Collect and dispose radioactive, “unknowns” and potential explosives.
  • Face velocity testing / measurement on fume hoods in the laboratories.
  • Provide supplies for waste collection
  • Serve as school boards emergency spill response team.
  • Provide training. (highlight to take to training page)