RPR Environmental is networked with many treatment, recycling and disposal facilities that offer cradle-to-grave management of your wastes through new technologies.

RPR Environmental is experienced in handling all of the registered M.O.E. waste streams and have developed multiple processes to responsibily divert each type of waste.

RPR has the expertise, and provides a wide range of environmental services. We ensure our resources are adequate, ensuring safety and regulatory compliance while maintaining industry-leading efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

  • Professional and experienced chemical technicians trained extensively in TDGA, spills response, lab packing, training, laboratory relocations, chemical segregation and storage, identification and classification of unknown substances and much more!
  • Our chemical technicians have a strong background in chemistry, biochemistry and/or environmental sciences, reinforced through post secondary education.
  • RPR Environmental technicians have a deep understanding of the identification and classification of waste streams, based on REG 347, M.O.E and TDGA standards.
  • We operate strictly in compliance to Transport Canada and Department of Transport (U.S.) standards.
  • We ensure all of our staff are TDG / Reg 347 trained, and prepare accurate documentation including waste manifests and proof of classification documents.

The services provided are:

  1. Customized bulk waste disposal services, handling both hazardous and non-hazardous streams.
  2. Site-specific small container waste disposal services, handling a variety of totes, drums, pails, kegs, jugs, etc.
  3. Efficient and cost-effective lab-packing services.
  4. Facility relocation services by safely and efficiently segregating, packaging and transporting temperature sensitive goods, radioactive goods and chemical goods between facilities. 
  5. Customized and holistic university and school board solutions encompassing training, gap analysis, regular waste collections, patented chemical storage systems, facility relocations and more.
  6. In-depth, site-specific training including but not limited to: Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, Reg 347/558, Spills Response, Health & Safety, WHMIS, TDG 2.2.1 and Chemical Safe Handling training sessions. 
  7. Through our patented chemical organization colour dot process, we sort, classify, label, inventory, organize and safely dispose of laboratory chemicals.
  8. Rapid emergency spills response that includes spill containment, clean-up and disposal services.
  9. Over 25 years of industry specific experience, provided to you through our environmental consultation services.
  10. Science Safety, Health and Safety, and Indoor Air Quality audits and inspections.
  11. Face velocity testing and measurement on fume hoods in laboratories.
  12. Accurate identification and disposal of expired, radioactive and potentially explosive waste streams.
  13. Complete HWIN registration and customer support services.
  14. Assistance with manifest documentation, proof of classification documentation and ministry requirements.
  15. On top of our regular services, we provide custom and unique solutions for the variety of challenges you may face in this vast and ever-changing industry!