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RPR Environmental has been A leading Expert in Waste Management since 1990

History of RPR Environmental

Founded in 1990, RPR Environmental has been a cornerstone in the Canadian waste management sector for over three decades. Initially, the company focused on providing hands-on solutions for waste management. Over the years, it has evolved into a full-service provider, offering a wide array of services that include collection, transportation, treatment, recycling, and disposal options for hazardous and non-hazardous liquids and solids, as well as potentially explosive and radioactive wastes.

Growth and Expansion

From its humble beginnings, RPR Environmental has substantially grown to feature a licensed transfer facility and a comprehensive fleet of vehicles, including vacuum tankers, straight trucks, and cube vans. This expansion has allowed the company to deliver reliable and efficient services across a broad range of waste streams, both registered and specialized.

Core Team and Compliance

The backbone of RPR Environmental lies in its team of industry experts. The company has recruited professionals from diverse backgrounds, including Environmental Health & Safety, ISO, Regulatory Compliance, Legal, Transportation, and Risk Management, to ensure comprehensive and compliant waste management solutions. This diverse expertise enables RPR Environmental to stay abreast of new regulations, ensuring that all legal obligations are met.

Environmental and Ethical Responsibility

RPR Environmental is deeply committed to environmental and ethical responsibility. The company believes it has a duty to shield the environment from the negative impacts of low-cost, low-tech disposal methods. This ethos is reflected in its comprehensive waste management programs designed to control costs while protecting businesses against long-term liability.

Quality Standards and Insurance

The company's dedication to quality is substantiated by its corporate registration to ISO 14001 and 9001 standards. These certifications assure that RPR Environmental maintains organized, retrievable records and meets high-quality administration and management standards. Furthermore, the company holds $10 million in liability insurance, which encompasses both Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance and Errors and Omissions Insurance. This provides an additional layer of security for clients choosing RPR for their hazardous waste disposal needs.

Facility and Safety

The facility at RPR Environmental is registered by the Ministry of Environment under Generator Number ON2398900 and is approved for Waste Management Systems. Upholding strict security measures, the facility is under 24-hour video and sound recording, as per the licensing permit with C-TPAT, Public Works – Controlled Goods Program. Importantly, the facility has a clean slate with no Site Accident History on record.

By continually adapting to industry changes and prioritizing both environmental sustainability and client satisfaction, RPR Environmental has established itself as a leader in the Canadian waste management sector.

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