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Servicing the Canadian Education System Since 1998

RPR has been providing Canadian school boards, colleges and universities with a full spectrum of chemical waste management services and hazardous waste disposal since 1998.

We are particularly sensitive and aware of the education sectors' business values of safety, environmental stewardship, reputational risk management and legacy loss avoidance and take all steps necessary to preserve those values on behalf of our clients.

Improve school safety!

With a customized visual management system.

The patented colour-coded system creates compliance in chemical storage and inventory control.

Establish and implement multi location regular collection program.
Conduct the safe clean-out of chemicals from schools semi-annually.
Provide written comprehensive Risk Audit Reports for the facilities department.
Coordinate and direct the clean-outs of historical, legacy wastes.
Collect and dispose radioactive, “unknowns” and potential explosives.
Face velocity testing / measurement on fume hoods in the laboratories.
Provide supplies for waste collection
Serve as school boards emergency spill response team.
Choose RPR as your Full Delegate Provider

Still have questions?

Your Questions, Our Expert Answers: Uncover the Extraordinary World of RPR Environmental's Chemical Waste Management Services

What types of waste management services does RPR Environmental offer?

RPR Environmental specializes in a variety of waste management solutions designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our services include hazardous waste disposal, e-waste management, industrial waste treatment, and recycling services. We are committed to providing sustainable, compliant, and efficient waste management solutions.

How does RPR Environmental ensure compliance with regulations?

Compliance with local, provincial, and federal regulations is a cornerstone of our operations. Our team of environmental experts stays updated with the latest laws and regulations concerning waste management. Additionally, we conduct regular audits and assessments to ensure that all processes are aligned with environmental regulations and guidelines.

Do you offer emergency response services?

Yes, RPR Environmental provides 24/7 emergency response services to handle unforeseen environmental incidents such as chemical spills, natural disasters, and other urgent waste management situations. Our trained and certified team is equipped to manage emergencies effectively, ensuring minimal environmental impact and rapid remediation.

How can I get a quote for a specific waste management project?

You can get a customized quote for your waste management needs by contacting us directly through our website, via email, or by phone. Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, we'll provide you with a detailed proposal, including scope, timeline, and cost estimates.

Let RPR Environmental help you understand what RPRA means for your business.

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When it comes to managing chemical waste responsibly, RPR Environmental has truly set the bar high. Their team demonstrated not only unparalleled expertise but also a deep commitment to safety and environmental sustainability. We are very pleased with their service and confidently recommend them.

Louis Crawford
Currently working with 100+ companies